Iphone lost due to an infringing domain

I came across a facebook posting (https://www.facebook.com/keng.how.79) whreby he related how his wife’s iphone was stolen and Apple ID phished.  Below is the story he posted:

Dear Friends,

Kindly share the below incident to whoever using iPhone , please aware and keep in mind always:

Last Saturday , I was in Pavillion with my wife and young kid . Unfortunately , my wife iPhone was stolen in the Zara shop . The pick pocket open the zip of the bag and stolen the phone during we are standing at the blind spot of the CCTV . We noticed the phone was lost within 10 minutes from the incident . I tried to call the phone but unfortunately the phone was already turned off . I immediately using the app ‘ find my iPhone ‘ and the status of the phone was showed offline . I turn on the lost mode and lock mode to avoid any else to login the phone . Police report made after that .

Three days passed , my wife received a mms from an unknown sender which show the iPhone was found in KLCC and given a link written ‘apple support’ . 15327264_10154936402718029_5332833220267341734_nTo view the location of the phone , we required to key in the Apple ID and password again . Without think twice , We hv follow the instruction given and input the ID and password . The link given was a scam which sent out from the thief to get your ID and password . Within 5 mins , my wife phone was erase from the find my iPhone .

I believe they sucessfully unlock the phone and sell to the market .

I hope you all able to share to your friend who using apple. Never provide your Apple ID and password to any unknown LINK even though written APPLE SUPPORT.15349539_10154936402723029_484040141400201663_n

I admit we are careless without think twice before taking any further action . I hope my sharing able to help others in the future .

Thank you very much .

Have a nice day ~~

Attached is the screenshot of photo provided

What I would like to talk about is domain infringement.  This domain name – “location-applesupport.info” may look legitimate from APPLE, but a whois check reveals that it was not registered by APPLE inc.  The domain registrant for this domain name (location-applesupport.info) provided a fake name (akjdksj kasdaskdjka) and registered this domain from a Indonesia ICANN Registrar (www.resellercamp.com), and this domain is hosted with an Indonesian Hosting company (www.rumahweb.com)

While it may be too late to recover the iphone lost, what <keng.how.79> can do is to pursue this matter with the Domain Registrar, Hosting Company, ICANN and APPLE.

DOMAIN REGISTRAR – resellercamp.com

<keng.how.79> can write to them (https://resellercamp.com/report) to request their assistance to reveal the actual domain registrant particular, since the domain name provided in the domain registration is clearly fake.  Telling that they, as an ICANN accredited registrar, has breached the WHOIS Accuracy Check Policy (https://whois.icann.org/en/accuracy).


<keng.how.79> should also write to the hosting provider and notified them of what happened.  He can request for the particular of this person whom hosted this site (location-applesupport.info) so that a police report can be made.  He should also request that the hosting company immediately shut down this site before causes more harm.

ICANN – icann.org

Keep ICANN in the cc in all communication between the Registrar and hosting company.  Domain Registrar not actively taking measures to protect the public may face questioning from ICANN and it can affect their accreditation, which will affect their main business in offering domain registration.


Let APPLE Inc knows that there is an infringing site that phished for Apple ID.  The website (location-applesupport.info) is a phishing site and that should worry APPLE.  APPLE can initiate a domain recovery action by filing for a UDRP (Uniform Domain Dispute Resolution Policy) to recover this domain name or issue a Cease and Desist Letter for the deletion of this name.

Apple Inc engaged CSC CORPORATE DOMAINS, INC. for the protection of their domain name, thus by alerting CSC Corporate Domains may work better.  Try writing to domainabuse@cscglobal.com


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